Professional office space for rent or lease in West Chester Pennsylvania PA

The Evans Street Office Complex

The Evans Street Office Complex is located in a quiet, residential area within two short blocks of West Chester's
restaurants, shops, post office, courthouse, YMCA and so much more.

This beautifully landscaped complex includes four well-maintained two-story brick buildings with individual office suites
customized to meet individual tenant needs.

Highly Desirable Location

  • Steps away from West Chester town center
  • Minutes away from King of Prussia, Valley Forge, Exton, Wilmington
  • Conveniently located to Philadelphia, Harrisburg, New York City, Washington D.C.
  • West Chester University students are potential workforce


  • Well-maintained property
  • Reserved, on-site parking
  • Responsive and respected property manager located in West Chester
  • Attentive local owner
  • More...
Competitive Rates

Learn more.
 Charles Jerrehian @ 610.357.4433 or

"The thing we really like about this Evans Street location is the balance we get between quality and affordability.
  We add that to the flexibility of the space and it provides us with the perfect location."
                                                                                                                      Evans Street Office Complex Tenant

"We are very close to West Chester University.  Half of our employees are from the University, including temporary help.
 It's a great employee pool.  This location brings us more than we expected when we looked at this property." 
                                                                                                                     Evans Street Office Complex Tenant

"The reason we chose Evans Street over the other complexes is its great convenience to everything in the West Chester area.  We can park here in the private onsite parking and walk into town during business days plus also on weekends with our families.  It's just a great overall location." 
                                                                                                                    Evans Street Office Complex Tenant

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